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With Club Z!, there is no need to waste time going to group centers, we come to your home and work around your schedule in the Indianapolis area. Our dedicated and qualified tutors in Indianapolis will design a program for your child that is based on their school’s curriculum or testing schedule, not a pre-determined program. Each Indianapolis tutor will work with your child’s teacher to be sure your child is on the right track. We also help with Indianapolis tutoring and test preparation for the SAT, ACT and I-STEP+ tests. Club Z! offers in-home tutoring with no long term contracts and no testing/assessment fees. We offer FREE, no obligation consultations with one of our directors for recommendations for your family.

Call us at 317-210-4333 from 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday thru Friday to discuss how Club Z! Indianapolis tutors can help your student achieve their academic goals.
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We guarantee that your tutor will be screened, certified, and matched to your student’s needs. Our experienced, highly educated tutors in Indianapolis work with your school curriculum and coordinate your student’s progress with his or her teacher -GUARANTEED-

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Private, In-Home Tutors in Indianapolis

Club Z! Indianapolis tutoring is individualized to your student, set around your schedule and takes place in your home where students are most comfortable.Club Z!’s one-on-one tutoring is a proven success model, providing students with the care and dedication they need.

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Club Z! In-Home Tutoring of Indianapolis offers affordable private, 1-on-1 tutoring that gives students the confidence they need to improve in the classroom. Our in-home tutoring packages include a Free Tutoring Consultation to kick off your path to success! Get Started Today!

My daughter was struggling in Algebra and her self esteem was failing quickly. I was looking for Algebra software on the internet and found Club Z! Tutoring that had a local number to call. I called Maggie and after a conversation with her I scheduled time for Maggie to interview/assess my daughter. Maggie was confident she could find a tutor to fit my daughters schedule and learning difference. Since working with the tutor my daughter has gone from being a D/F student to a strong A+ (the highest student in her Algebra II class). Club Z! is now working with my daughter with her English studies. I have every belief that my daughter will come out head in her English/Reading classes like she did with Algebra. I have recommended Club Z! Tutoring to many of my family and friends and anyone I know who is struggling in school.–Francis G, 10th Grade Daughter

Mike has been a tremendous addition to our family. I knew immediately that Mike would be a good fit for Drew. He is personable, interested in many of the same things Drew is interested in, and he seems to genuinely care about Drew and about Drew's success. Mike first went about assessing Drew's academic situation. He then tailored his tutoring to Drew's weaknesses- primarily his organizational skills. He also had Drew set goals for what he hoped to accomplish during the remainder of the year. Mike was punctual, never missed a tutoring session and challenged Drew in appropriate ways. Mike served as an "all purpose" tutor. Drew struggled in many academic areas and he and Mike concentrated on all of those areas, as needed. Despite Drew's disorganization and forgetfulness, Mike stayed focused and positive. What is even more impressive is that Mike has spent the last month or so formulating a plan for next Fall. We can't thank you enough for setting us up with Mike. We have great confidence that Mike will help him to reach his full potential, whatever that may be. Thanks for everything!–Lisa T.

Our daughter transferred from a private school into the public school system at the beginning of her 7th grade year. Even though she did well in the classroom in Math, she struggled when it came to testing. She was full of self doubt when it came to Math, and it showed! She thought she wasn't smart. When she took the school's standardized test, she passed everything except for Math. It was at that point that we signed her up with Club Z Tutoring. Our daughter worked one on one with the Club Z tutor over the summer and continued with him into the school year. As the year progressed, her confidence soared! She made A's and A+'s and was soon the top performer in her class. On one of her tests, she scored the top score in all of her teacher's sections which includes 50% of the students in her grade! By the end of the year, her classmates were calling her "Algebra", and we are proud to report that Math is one of her favorite subjects. Thank you so much, Club Z! –Lia Stallworth

Fatima was perfect... just what we'd hoped...knowledgeable and professional and very good at explaining things. It's good to know that you are around. We may need help in other areas for the boys later on.–Darby C.

My daughter has struggled with Math since 1st grade. By 3rd grade it was obvious that we would need to get additional help for her. While out running errands one day I saw a sign for Club Z!. I gave them a call that day and I am so glad that I did. Club Z! came to our home and met with us and did an assessment with our daughter. They paired her up with a tutor that was such a good fit. The tutor that we have for my daughter has helped her so much. She brings with her the knowledge and the patience to help our daughter with her math. She makes math fun for our daughter and now she actually likes math and thinks it is fun. Our daughter has gained so much confidence in math that she did not have before working with Club Z! Club Z! has been great to work with and they take much consideration in the tutors that they have. Their prices are very reasonable and their staff is amazing. I would recommend Club Z! to anyone. Without Club Z! our daughter would still be struggling. And another really nice thing is that they come to your home so that your child can learn in their own environment.–DW, 5th Grade Daughter

I had never had a tutor before and was at wit's end before calling Club Z! Tutoring for help. I was taking an online college course and just wasn't getting the concepts on my own. Club Z sat down with me and helped me come up with a game plan for help and introduced me to my tutor. He was very patient and carefully explained the concepts I wasn't able to understand and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Club Z helped me plan out a strategy for success and am proud to report that I am on track to making the grade I hoped for.–Becky W., College Student

Club Z has made a HUGE difference for my daughter. She received tutoring in Math only, but her success in that class has translated to more confidence and improvement in all of her classes. We have been very happy with all of the tutors we have had over the last year. The one on one approach tutoring provides made all of the difference in our case.–Beth R., 9th Grade Daughter

Our grandson Tyler is 16 and is a special needs student. Tyler doesn't read or write but wants to very badly. I found Club Z on the internet and called them. They came to our home to talk with me and put a plan in place. We have a great tutor who works with Tyler on reading and sounds. She is FABULOUS! Tyler is beginning to recognize some sight words. I know he can be frustrating at times, but Kristin never lets it get to her. She has gone above and beyond with Tyler. We are so glad we found Club Z and Kristin. –Melinda - Camby, IN

Since Having Ms. Ashley Wolfe as my daughter’s tutor, my daughter’s math scores were way above average on her school’s NWEA test for this year! My child’s teacher was so pleased, she shared her results with the Principal. I’m so glad my daughter has Ms. Ashley!–Happy Mom of a 4th Grader

Joe has made excellent progress with Mr. Cooper and has really settled well into fifth grade. I want to thank you for all your help and also say that Mr. Cooper is a credit to your company. He has been absolutely brilliant with Joe over these past three months and I have no doubt that it is all thanks to him that Joe has the confidence that he has and the understanding required to do really well. Having two other children I will obviously be in touch with you if ever I need a tutor in the future.” Follow up: (Joe got his midterm scores yesterday- all B's and C's. We are very happy with this as is Joe and we wanted to thank you and Mr. Cooper. There is no doubt in our mind that this is all thanks to your company and Mr. Cooper in particular. We will be recommending you to anybody who will listen!) –S. Moffat, 4th Grade Son

My name is Shellye Bradford. My son, Taylor Bradford, is tutored by Matt Roy each week. I wanted to take the time to commend Matt to you. He is committed, talented, and extremely effective. Though Taylor still has a way to go, what Matt has accomplished is unbelievable and remarkable. So often, we are guilty of not expressing appreciation, so I just wanted to send a note to express my gratitude to you for hiring such a competent and caring tutor.–Shellye Bradford

I had never had a tutor before and was at wit’s end before calling Club Z! Tutoring for help. I was taking an online college course and just wasn’t getting the concepts on my own. Club Z! sat down with me and helped me come up with a game plan for help and introduced me to my tutor. He was very patient and carefully explained the concepts I wasn’t able to understand and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Club Z! helped me plan out a strategy for success and am proud to report that I am on track to making the grade I hoped for.–Relieved College Student

Club Z! has made a HUGE difference for my daughter. She received tutoring in Math only, but her success in that class has translated to more confidence and improvement in all of her classes. We have been very happy with all of the tutors we have had over the last year. The one on one approach tutoring made all of the difference in our case.–Proud Indianapolis Mom

Club Z! Tutoring is a great company. We were referred to Club Z! by a close friend. We have been utilizing their services this 2010-2011 school year. We originally started with Club Z! Tutoring in preparation for the PSAT. After completion of the PSAT, we continued with Club Z! Tutoring for geometry. With only 1 tutoring session per week, my son has improved 1 whole letter grade. We are very impressed and pleased with Club Z! Tutoring staff. Club Z! Tutoring delivers quality service, all in the confines of your own home. Give them a call today - you will not be disappointed.–Marcia M., 10th Grade Son

First I am so thankful that I called Club Z Tutoring to help my daughter with Math... I met with Carla and she matched my daughter Gabi with a great tutor Kristina. Kristina has gotten Gabi to the point she likes math and is super excited when they meet to learn. Gabi took her math test after two visits with her tutor and scored a 57 out of 65. That for us is absolutely GREAT from a girl who would normally score 20 out of 65... This is the best investment that I a single mother of four daughters was willing to make to help my daughter and now she is thriving.. THANKS SO MUCH CLUB Z AND SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR TUTO KRISTINA!!!–Gabi - Indianapolis, IN

We love our tutor; she is great! She jumped right in and knew what to do for Matt. He couldn't wait to meet with her yesterday and they accomplished more in 1 1/2 hours than I have ever done in one week. Please let us keep her! I have really been impressed with you guys–Pamela R.

I went in search of a tutoring service after a very discouraging fifth grade school year. Math was such a frustrating part of my daughter's day and became an even more difficult part of our evening with the amount of time it took to finish homework. It just never seemed like she could connect or retain the concepts taught in class to be successful on homework or tests. Club Z came to our home and assessed my daughter and matched her with the perfect tutor. She has raised her grade from an F at first nine weeks midterm to a B by first nine weeks report card and she is finishing the sixth grade with a strong A! She has received A's on almost every test and homework is so much more relaxed. Her tutor is so patient and explains things in a way she understands. She enjoys and looks forward to her tutoring seesions. Her confidence has increased 100% and she will even say she likes math now! I cannot believe the transformation that took place in such a relatively short period of time! Thanks, Club Z.–Jill Stokes

I just wanted to thank Club Z for the help that your tutoring service gave my daughter. Per her teacher in less than A few weeks she could see an amazing change in Laurel in 5th grade Math. Laurel is now raising her hand in math class to participate now and has brought her grade up by a whole grade number in just a short while. Thank you more than words can say. I would certainly recommend you to any one who has a child who is struggling in any subject. The one on one gave Laurel so much confidence. It's worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Thank you!–Tanya T. - Indianapolis, IN

My step son moved in with us in the beginning of his freshman year of HS. Prior to living with us there were no study habits or structure, being pushed from grade to grade and taught nothing. He was so far behind we knew the only way to help him would be to change all his habits and bring in outside help. Club Z! Tutoring was here 2 days a week and after only 8 weeks he went from being a D/F student to a 3.1 GPA!! Not only did he get help in Algebra, English, History, and Biology, he was taught excellent study habits and organizational skills. We now get weekly notes and emails from his teachers praising his excellent work! I highly recommend Club Z! Tutoring to help you and your kids get ahead so they can actually start to learn something–Elise Roberts

Hello, my name is Tony, I went back to college at the age of 49 and had never taken Algebra. I was so apprehensive and had a fear of the unkown. I called Club Z tutoring and was sent the most informed tutor who was excellent in his one on one learning. I not only made it through Algebra I and II, I recieved an A and A- in the class! I then used them for assistance in Statistics, and recieved a solid B. I am now graduating with my BS degree. Club Z is a company that I would recommend to anyone who feels the need to succceed. I want to thank everyone that I had the pleasure to work with and will always remember how you helped me meet and exceed my goals!–Tony

My daughter is a junior in high school and has struggled to get through geometry. She was very reluctant to try tutoring at first, but once we committed to it, she really enjoyed it and has learned better ways to study and prepare for tests. Her tutor Bill was great in working with her. He was so patient and calm, far more than my husband or I could be when trying to work through homework problems! He was very professional and punctual for every session. We would highly recommend ClubZ because the organization strives to match the student’s academic and personality needs with the right tutor. We really appreciated the personal attention and you can’t beat having tutoring in your own home! –11th Grade Mom

Just a note of appreciation for all of your help with my grandson. I am truly convinced without the help of Club Z my grandson would not have graduated high school. I am happy to say not only did he graduate he is seriously considering college. Thanks Club Z!–D.M.

Since Desta has started tutoring Justin, he has started to take responsibility and complete his assignments. He really enjoys her method of explaining things which is a relief! She has gotten him to focus on his studies. This was done in a very short period of time. We are very grateful!–T. Miles

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    We are the leading academic solutions provider in the Indianapolis Area, including Indianapolis, Greenwood, Broad Ripple, Geist, McCordsville, Irvington, Lawrence Township, Warren Township, South Side, North Side and Franklin Township for over 20 years, offering a customized learning program for each and every student. We have learning programs to fit any family’s needs and preferences – whether it’s in-home, on school campus or at the library!

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    We offer Academic and Test Prep tutoring in Indianapolis from Pre-K to Pre-Med and everything in between!

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  • Z Prep Test Prep in Indianapolis, IN

    Z Prep! is the test prep division of Club Z! Our SAT preparation and ACT prep courses in Indianapolis are delivered through one-on-one, focused sessions with a highly qualified and screened Indianapolis tutor. We start with a thorough diagnostic analysis to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses. We then create customized lesson plans with tailored homework assignments to help the student practice and ultimately master newly learned skills and strategies.

    This is why our average student gains 200+ points on the SAT and 3-5+ points on the ACT!

  • Learning Built To Last

    Club Z! Tutoring in Indianapolis offers a uniquely effective study skills program called Learning Built to Last® that targets the different learning styles and habits of students in grades 6 through 12. The Learning Built to Last® program offers two diagnostics to customize the study skills system and tutoring experience for every student. The Study Skills Diagnostic Test identifies eleven different academic tools necessary for success in school and shows which of those tools each student needs to use better. The Learning Style Diagnostic Test explores the student’s natural method of learning.